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Discover tranquility by the Lagoon: Immerse yourself in a day of renewal and revitalization at Leo J. Ryan Park for High-Achieving Women Ignite Your Path to Limitless Possibilities! 


Are you a high-achieving woman or mom overwhelmed by success, trapped in perfection, and on autopilot? Yearning for more but hindered by self-doubt and neglecting personal growth amidst work and family demands? The Quantum ShyDance System Retreat, nestled by a serene lagoon, is your sanctuary. It’s specifically designed for you seeking clarity, looking to break free from burnout, and overcome the barriers that hold them back. Through mindful movement and community, reconnect with your true self. Join us to rejuvenate your spirit, find balance, and reignite your passion in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Limited VIP spots available at an exclusive 90% off - End of Winter Blowout Sale! Turbocharge Your Transformation: Embrace this chance to redefine your future and unlock endless possibilities, starting now.
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Serenity by the Lagoon: A Reset for Women in Tech : Reset, Reinvent, and Rebirth Your Inner Strength in a day!

Sandifly is the creator of Quantum Shy Dance, a unique program combining dance and mindset coaching. With an extensive background, including being a mother, NLP coach, Timeline Therapy practitioner, body transformation ambassador, master's in design, and leadership certification, she leverages her corporate experience as a lead designer. This innovative amalgamation guides participants on an enlightening journey from the depths of their subconscious to the clarity of their conscious mind.

Embark on a transformative journey with Sandifly's Quantum Shy Dance system, a groundbreaking method that combines dance and mindset training. Through this innovative approach, participants can reset, reinvent, and reignite their inner strength in just a day. Gain self-awareness, clarity, and new perspectives as you explore the power of shy dance system– a unique form of creative movement that helps individuals tap into their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. 

Does This Resonate With You?
Struggling with AI disruption and rapid technological changes, seeking stability in a shifting job landscape.
Overwhelmed by professional and personal responsibilities, from pressured executives to overextended parents.
Seeking personal fulfillment through creativity, joy, and connection, while yearning to align life with true calling and unique talents.
Undergoing major life transitions, such as new relationships, career changes, or parenthood.
Challenged by feelings of entrapment and self-doubt, whether stuck in unfulfilling careers or constrained by perceived safety.
Aiming for transformation by breaking free from old patterns and childhood traumas, striving for a more authentic, self-aware life.
Desiring stronger community ties and self-care amidst feelings of isolation and identity crisis, particularly for minorities in challenging environments.

At this  pop up retreat, you will:


Self-awareness, gain clarity

Shy dance (Mindset training through creative movement ) can help individuals become more aware of their own thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Through shy dance mini retreat exercises, individuals can learn to identify their feelings and understand how they affect their behavior.


Let go of limited belief that hold you back e.g. ' I am not good enough' 

Let go of limited belief and negative though that is holding you back. This could be belief about yourself, your abilities, or your situation.


Next level of Confident & Courage

Shy dance mini retreat can help individuals build courage and overcome fear. It could help individuals develop self-assurance, assertiveness, and courage.


Unlock Your inner-innovative self

shy dance can help individuals tap into their creativity and express themselves in new ways. Through shy dance approach, individuals can learn to express their emotions, thoughts, and feelings in a non-verbal manner.


Stress reduction- from setback to comeback

Shy dance mini retreat can help individuals manage stress. It can be a great way to release tension, relax the mind, and improve overall well-being.


Mind-body soul connection 

Quantum Shydance system can help individuals develop a better mind-body soul connection. Through dance, individuals can learn to synchronize their movements with their thoughts and emotions, leading to more balance and harmony in their lives.  Tone up their body as a bonus!!


Planning for your future self

Discover who you want to be and start creating the future you desire by planning for your future self. By planning for your future self, you can set yourself up for success, fulfillment, and personal growth in all areas of your life.


Challenge your own biases and bridging cultural gaps

Practice empathy and see things in differences perspective and challenges your own biases, whether conscious or unconscious.  


Exceptional Bonus (Valued at $200): VIP Post-Retreat Strategy Session

VIP Exclusive: Tailored 1-on-1 strategy call Guidance with me. designed to ensure momentum continues.  


Proven outcomes

Kat Rich, Business Owner, USA (English)

Ella, Head nurse, USA (English)

Marie, House wife ( English and Philippines)

Marron, women entrepreneur, (KORIA, English and Spanish)

Auroda, Business Owner (Mandarin and English)

Catherine, Accountant, English, French and Mandarin)

Mia, Senior Designer (KORIA, English and Spanish)

Susan, Business Owner ( English)

Linda,  Programmer , English, French and Mandarin)

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